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You buy first-class goods and you deserve first-class support. Please use this support center to ask us questions about our products or to report problems.

Click on "Create new ticket" and choose the help topic that suits you. If you have any questions about a purchased product, we will ask you the most important information about your product and your order. In this way, we can collect the most important data in advance in order to forward your request to the right expert or manufacturer without asking for information again.

This is how our support works:

  1. You open a ticket and select a help topic.

  2. We ask you for the relevant data required for clarification.

  3. Ticket is automatically assigned to one of our experts.

  4. Our experts will check whether we can answer your question ourselves or whether we have to pass it on to the manufacturer / supplier.

  5. You will receive an answer by email.

  6. You can then either reply to the email directly or here in the Support Center.

Note: Please describe your problem in as much detail as possible. You can also use our upload function to send photos or scene shots to us. Every question on our part extends the clarification process.

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