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ICO measures too low pH (pH < 6)

Sometimes your ICO may provide inaccurate pH values that are too low (pH below 6). In this case, you need to check if the pH sensor is defective. To do this:

Step 1 Remove your ICO from the water and remove the blue hood from below (turn it left and pull it down)

Step 2 Check the pH sensor (blue) optically for errors
Images of a faultless and faulty sensor can be found here:

Step 3 If your sensor is defective, contact Ondilo here (in English or French*) to receive a new one (only within the warranty period). If your sensor is not defective, clean it with a dry cloth, put the blue hood back on and put your ICO back in the water.

*If you do not speak English or French, please feel free to contact us. We will then translate your request and forward it to Ondilo unless we can answer it ourselves.

Last Updated 9 months ago

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