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Ondilo ICO pH measurement problems - correct wrong measured values ​​in five steps

If the measured pH values ​​of your ICO do not appear correct, or errors occur around the pH measurement of your ICO, the following five steps can help you to solve or narrow down the problem.

This guide relates to the ICO models:

  • ICO Pool

  • ICO Spa

  • ICO Salt

1. Whether the pH sensor of your ICO is defective or dirty


1.Checksource: Ondilo

ImageImage 2: shows a dirty pH sensor (blue)

Image 3: shows a broken pH sensor ( blue)

If the sensor is dirty, clean it with a clean cloth and clean water. Reboot your ICO and activate the Fast Mode function. In Fast Mode, your ICO measures once every 10 minutes. After an hour, your ICO switches back to normal operation and measures once an hour. Check the next 4 to 5 measurements.

If the sensor is broken, it must be replaced. In this case, create a support ticket in our support center or contact Ondilo.

2. Check whether the pH sensor needs to be replaced.

Note that you have a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee.

If one of the following 5 points applies to your Ondilo ICO, the probability is high that the pH sensor (blue) needs to be replaced.

2.1. The pH value is smaller than 0

2.2. The pH stays between 4 and 5

2.3. The pH stays between 10 and 11

2.4. With repeated rapid shifts> 1 within 2-3 hours without changing the ambient conditions (water temperature, addition of chemicals, water change, ...)

2.5. If you add chemicals and the opposite effect occurs.

3. Mineral water test

If you want to check whether your Ondilo ICO indicates the correct pH value, you can use this trick. Many mineral water manufacturers indicate the pH value. If you put your ICO in mineral water, you can compare the values.

3.1. Buy a mineral water with a known pH value The pH value can

often be found on the label of the mineral water. You can find a small overview below. Please note that the pH value is only correct for freshly opened mineral water bottles.

3.2. Fill a clean container with mineral water and place your ICO in the water.

3.3. Restart your ICO and switch to Fast Mode (see point 1). Check the next 4 to 5 readings.

3.4. If the pH value deviates by more than 0.3 pH from the specified pH value of the mineral water, recalibrate the sensor (see point 4).

pH values ​​of some popular mineral water *:

  • Gerolsteiner Naturell: 6.7

  • Evian: 7.2

  • VOSS: 6.0

  • Lidl Saskia Still: 7.7

  • Volvic Naturelle: 7.0

* We cannot guarantee the values. Please also check the label or the website of the respective mineral water.

4. Calibrate the pH sensor

Measured values ​​can be reset through calibration. During calibration, the app also checks whether a pH sensor is present, fully functional or defective.

4.1. Calibrate your ICO. For instructions on how to do this, see the Attachments section of this article.

4.2. Restart your ICO and switch to Fast Mode (see point 1). Check the next 4 to 5 measurements.

5. Check whether the cleaning agent affects the pH values.

The aim is to determine whether the pH values ​​are influenced by the chemicals used for disinfection.

Note: So far we have only found that treatment with active oxygen has a major effect on the pH value. After the addition, the values ​​rise and fall again after a few hours.

5.1. Add some of the chemical to be tested to a mineral water whose pH value you know (see section 3). Start with the ph- / ph + product as you normally use it. Dose according to the manufacturer's instructions to bring the pH value to the desired level. Be sure to dilute the liquid sufficiently before continuing.

5.2. Restart your ICO and place the device in the prepared liquid. Switch to Fast Mode (see point 1) and check the next 4 to 5 measurements.

If the values ​​are constant, repeat the test in your pool or spa. If the problem persists, create a support ticket in our support center or contact Ondilo customer support.

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