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Note: With Bluetooth, you can take measurements instantly when you are near the analyzer. The Sigfox network automatically sends measurements several times a day. An immediate measurement via Sigfox is not possible.

Problem with the Bluetooth network.

  • If you are trying to take an immediate measurement in Bluetooth, you must be near your analyzer (within 10 meters). You cannot take instant measurements if you are too far from your analyzer. Make sure you turn on bluetooth and get close to your analyzer.

  • However, if you cannot take a reading even if you are near your pool and have bluetooth enabled, make sure your smartphone is compatible with Blue Connect. Try using the analyzer with another device.

  • If the Bluetooth measures still do not work, restart the analyzer in the app under "Settings"> "My analyzer"> "Restart my analyzer".

  • If the problem persists, please contact our support.

Problem with the Sigfox network.

With the Sigfox network, regardless of your location, you will automatically receive a measurement several times a day.

If you get few or no measurements:

  • Check that your Blue Connect supports Sigfox. With some models you need a premium subscription to use Sigfox.

  • If you don't get a measurement, please check your Sigfox coverage on the Blueriiot website.

  • If your location is not covered by Sigfox, you can integrate Blue Connectwith an optionally available WLAN extender into your network.

  • The analyzer also works with Bluetooth. In this case, we recommend taking one or more measurements with Bluetooth every day so that the device can carry out its analyzes.

  • If Sigfox covers your location but you are not getting measurements, try moving the analyzer to another location in the pool. An area of ​​your pool may not be covered.

  • Note that the Sigfox signal can be disturbed if the analyzer is placed between walls or in the basement. Weather can also interfere with the Sigfox signal.

  • If the problem persists, put the analyzer in standby mode and then turn it back on (without skipping a step during the startup process).

  • If the problem persists, contact your dealer.