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Variant A) (STANDARD)

If the user specifications are met, both actuators switch.

Firmware SolarControl V1.04A:

By default, the firmware is in English because we deliver throughout Europe. The instructions for the control therefore use the English terms for the respective menu items and setting options. If you change the language, these instructions will therefore only be of limited help. We therefore recommend that you use the operating system in English. If you still want to use  Tasmota in your language, this is possible. To do this, download the firmware in the desired language and install it according to the instructions.

Variant B)

If the user specifications are met, the potential-free output is not switched. This should be switched manually.
Application: The customer operates a solar pump and a heat pump in parallel. The heat pump is connected to the potential-free output of the solar control and should be switchable manually. The solar pump is switched on automatically.

Firmware SolarControl V1.01B: